World Refugee Day

World Refugee Day

1 in every 113 people in the world is currently a refugee. 

In 2015 a record number of people, 65.3 million, were living displaced from their homes. A refugee could be someone from Syria fleeing from war or from Central American escaping drug gang violence or from South Sudan forced to leave because of famine. Whatever the cause, there are more people seeking refuge away from their homes than every before.

The number of child refugees is greater than the population of Texas. Imagine a child growing up in a refugee camp without the security or safety of home, often without schools or opportunities on the horizon. But parents take these risks when their homes become uninhabitable. Leaving home for an uncertain future is a heartbreaking decision and yet millions of people are faced with this choice.

We are committed to the cause of refugees. God called his chosen people to “love those who are foreigners, for you yourselves were foreigners in Egypt.” (Dt.10:19) Jesus himself was a refugee when his family fled through Egypt after an angel warned Joseph to leave their home. (Mt. 2:13). We want to welcome and provide for refugees in the same way that we hope someone would help us if we were in the same situation.

Today is World Refugee Day and we encourage you to learn more about the refugee crisis.  UNHCR offers a deeper look by region to help you understand the factors that contribute to the current crisis. Take some time today to learn more and commit support the cause of refugees all around the world.

Remember to pray for refugees

Heavenly Father,
you are the source of all goodness, generosity and love.
We thank you for opening the hearts of many
to those who are fleeing for their lives.
Help us now to open our arms in welcome,
and reach out our hands in support.
That the desperate may find new hope,
and lives torn apart be restored.
We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ Your Son, Our Lord,  
who fled persecution at His birth
and at His last triumphed over death. Amen.

Get involved through Restoration

  • The Dominguez family is leaving in two weeks to respond to the refugee crisis in Germany. Pray for them and consider partnering with them to support their ministry. Give online through Restoration and designate your gift for the Dominguez Family.
  • Restoration has the opportunity to adopt a second Syrian refugee family that will arrive next week. If you are interested in welcoming this new family to Dallas, helping them outfit their home, and guiding them through the first steps of making their home here, please contact Maynard – mbelson1 @


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