Women’s Getaway

Women’s Getaway

This past weekend I did something that I haven’t done in over seventeen years. I went to a sleepover with 19 other women. We played games, made friendship bracelets, and ate way too many M&Ms. We vowed to say up until midnight. There were moments of laughter, honesty, and advice. In this brief passage of time we could relinquish our roles as mothers, wives, students, colleagues to just be friends and it was wonderful!

While I sat and enjoyed many conversations without a flailing toddler in my arms there was a comfort in being present amongst this community of women. We often say at Restoration that we do “church” together. There is value in the relationships we form beyond what we are able to accomplish in our brief chats on Sunday morning. We say it when we talk about Community Groups and when we commit to volunteer. And in the late hours of sharing stories about our families, arguing over Mark Ruffalo’s best movie and shouting sound effects from behind the couch in an intense game of Fish Bowl, I began to realize that in these moments we also do church together.

I recently came across a post from blogger Jen Hatmaker that so perfectly captures the essence of community.

“May you find your people and put up a parking lot. And I hope that today, or maybe someday, you’ll look around the room like I do and marvel at what beautiful, wonderful people you are surrounded with, grateful that you get to love God and love each other and love people together, imperfectly.”



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