What’s Happening in Children’s Ministry

What’s Happening in Children’s Ministry

Each week in our Children’s Lesson, we will focus on a single Bible verse. Please help your child to remember to bring the memory verse folders back each week, along with a Bible, as we learn new verses together.

This Week

Be still and know that I am God…” Psalm 46:10

This week, we will talk about God’s desire for us to spend intentional, quiet time in worship, prayer, and reading the Bible. There’s no formula for this, and it looks different at every age and phase in life, but it’s clear that those who know God best draw away from the usual stream of life and enter God’s presence.

During our lesson this week, kids will have the opportunity to practice stillness. We will talk about ways that we can still our hearts and occupy our minds and hands so that we can see and stay in God’s presence for a few moments.

Talk About It

Take some time this week to talk about this verse with your children:

  • There is a danger here that in talking about stillness and quiet before God, some kids could receive the wrong message that their squirmy-ness or their active minds are somehow ‘bad’ or ‘wrong.’ Make sure you speak with your child about how God has uniquely formed them, and talk about ways that each member of your family finds stillness and quiet before God. This could take the form of singing, writing, drawing, coloring, reading, listening to an audio Bible, taking a long walk or running, exploring nature—the possibilities really are endless. There is no need for anyone to feel they are incapable or unable to meet God.

Don’t forget that there is an ‘At Home’ sheet in your child’s folder each week with more ideas to talk about this verse at home!

As always, if you have any questions about our Children’s Ministry or would like to volunteer to serve our children, email Kolby.