Vision Sunday

Vision Sunday

This past Sunday our congregation gathered for a potluck lunch after the service and Chip Levers and I shared a vision for the future of Restoration that the vestry and other leaders have helped to craft. Thank you to the many members who made time to attend and for the questions and enthusiasm that you brought to our discussion.

I want to share some of the key ideas for those who weren’t able to attend and as a reminder for the rest. In 2016 we will focus on how we can know, grow, and show so that together we see Restoration flourish in our new location and fulfill our calling at a church. We want our lives to be transformed as we come to know Christ, we want to grow together as a Church, and we want to show a broken city the hope of restoration.

What will we do to intentionally seek to KNOW Christ?

  • Prayer will be a focal point this year.
  • We will increase our weekly attendance if we commit to worship together regularly.
  • We are going to welcome the arts and incorporate them in our worship.
  • We are not just going to talk about hospitality but we are going to live it out.
  • We are going to commit to invite people to worship and equip everyone with the tools to do so.

What will we do to GROW?

  • We will grow in our service to the kingdom of God and in fellowship with one another.
  • Every member of Restoration should feel like they are called and empowered to grow in this community.
  • We will make a committed effort to increase attendance by inviting guests and by asking members to be more consistent with attendance.
  • We are expanding ministries in areas of growth–kids and youth. Our children’s ministry has tripled since we’ve been here at Slate. Restoration just hired Jenny Athey as a part-time interim children’s minister to coordinate volunteers, prepare curriculum, and care for the needs of our kids.

What will we do to SHOW?

  • We will look at everything through a missional lens to determine how we can be present and active in our community
  • We are going to need more people to volunteer in children’s ministry. All of you have been a child before which means you are qualified to help.
  • We are working towards building a youth ministry and envisioning what the youth experience will look like at Restoration. As we grow into having more teenagers we plan to hire a youth minister too but we need volunteers now who will help with youth.
  • We are committed to be at Slate through this year to allow us to save money. We want to have enough money to allow us to have options that meet our needs for a permanent place to worship after Slate. Pray that God leads us to right place and expect a miracle.
  • We have a family actively pursuing a call to move to Europe to work with refugees. We need to help and support them.

On Sunday, we passed out a blank key to everyone who came to lunch and I asked us all to put that key on our keychains. The keys on your keychain represent the things you own and I ask all Restoration members to take ownership of our church and lean into this vision for 2016. Restoration is your church and we need you with us as we join to know Christ, to grow together as a Church, and to show a broken city the hope of restoration.


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