Thursday Share: Use the Good Stuff

Thursday Share: Use the Good Stuff

It’s the middle of the Easter Season and we are celebrating the joy of the new life we have in Jesus. But what difference does it make in the way you live every day in this festive season?

On The Art of Simple blog, I read a post by Tsh Oxenreider that sums up a great way of living in the abundance of Easter. “Use the Good Stuff” is her friendly encouragement to set the table with the good china and light the decorative candles that are just collecting dust today instead of waiting for some mysterious, future special occasion. She writes:

I say, let’s make this season of our life—whatever it is—just a bit more special with the special things we tend to save. Let’s break out the good plates for pizza night, for a quick snack. Bring out the “fancy guest” towels for your family. Spritz on perfume for the grocery store. Use fancy pens to write our to-do lists.

Those special things we have? It’s special alone to even have them. We’re doing right by them to use them well. Let’s acknowledge the privilege of saving for special—because it really is.

Let’s better enjoy the little things in life. And let’s make them even more special by using up the good stuff. Don’t wait for that perfect moment—it’s already right here.

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