Thursday Share: Observing Advent as a Family

Thursday Share: Observing Advent as a Family

Advent can be mean more for your family than just a candy filled calendar. Ditch the “Elf on the Shelf” and consider incorporating some of these ideas from Elizabeth Peterson into your family’s traditions.

Advent literally means “the coming.” This season is about preparation, not performance or perfection. We are preparing our hearts to welcome Christ in his coming–first through setting the ground to understand the story of the incarnation as he came to Bethlehem, then in grateful awareness of how he has come to us in our own salvation story, and in holy anticipation as we look to Christ’s second coming. As John the Baptist cried out, “Prepare ye the way of the Lord!” in anticipation of Christ’s manifestation to the world, we can mark Advent in simple ways that remind us and others that we are preparing the way of the Lord. In Advent we prepare ourselves to meet Christ afresh as Savior and Lord.

So with three kids around the table, and two or three glasses of water knocked over and running off the edge of the table, and a baby hollering for more Cheerios, how can I walk through Advent, preparing the way of the Lord? Below are a few simple suggestions for living liturgically in real life.

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