Thursday Share: My Pastor Isn’t Feeding Me

Thursday Share: My Pastor Isn’t Feeding Me

This post found on the Jesus Creed blog is neither a complaint or a passive-aggressive post, I promise! It’s a powerful reminder that we are meant to find regular spiritual nourishment outside of Sunday worship. In this season as we focus on praying the Daily Office, which includes a heaping helping of scripture each day, remember that Jesus is the bread of life who nourishes us every time we turn to him.

My Pastor Isn’t Feeding Me? by Jovan Barrington

“I’m not getting fed spiritually.”

“My pastor isn’t feeding me.”

Maybe you have heard this before from someone who has left one church and is “shopping” for another or at the very least they are considering it. Maybe you have said this yourself.

In actuality the pastor is breaking open the “bread of life.” Jesus is the Word and his food is spiritual food. God is the one who provides the ingredients for spiritual nourishment. Jesus is the host of the proverbial meal. Is your critique of your pastor really a lack of faith in God’s ability to fill you with his Spirit through the proclamation of his word?

God has an endless supply of bread.

When Jesus and his disciples fed thousands of hungry followers with bread and fish they distributed to the people “as much as they wanted.” AS MUCH AS THEY WANTED. There were even leftovers. Jesus, The Bread of Life, is still handing out bread and there are still plenty of leftovers.



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