Thursday Share: I’m Still Here

Thursday Share: I’m Still Here

Depression and others forms of mental illness are more common than you would imagine among  your friends, co-workers, and family members. It’s estimated that 18% of American adults are affected by an anxiety disorder and yet we are so hesitant to talk about this common and painful diagnosis. This week Kelly Ward bravely told her story in her college newspaper The Crimson White at the University of Alabama. Kelly and her family has been a part of Restoration since the beginning and we are honored to share her story of finding help and hope.

I’m still here, despite my own best efforts

Eight days before my 21st birthday, I had no intention of celebrating it. I had no plans, no list of alcohol I could buy, no intention of seeing anyone.

To be perfectly honest, I had no plans of seeing the next day. The only thing I really knew is that, left to my own devices, I wouldn’t live 
another day.

“You’re the worst.”

I must’ve said that to myself 1,000 times on the way to that point. I don’t know which time I first meant it.

I used to jokingly say it because I’ve always had a self-deprecating sense of humor. I like making people laugh, and I’m pretty easy to laugh at. I thought if I was the one telling the joke, people weren’t really laughing at me. I stopped believing that. My self-esteem plummeted.

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