Thursday Share: Fasting and Feasting in Lent

Thursday Share: Fasting and Feasting in Lent

We all know that Lent is a fast but did you know that within the Lenten season each Sunday is counted as a feast day? Sundays hold great significance on the Church calendar and in our own spiritual lives. Porter Taylor offers this explanation of feasting and fasting on

Read more about what it means to hold Sunday as a feast day even in the middle our our fasting.

Fasting and Feasting in Lent

The Church calendar is comprised of an ongoing series of feasts and fasts. Saints are given feast days, as are important biblical events (Transfiguration, Annunciation, etc.) while other days and seasons are reserved for fasting (Fridays, Advent, Lent, etc.). Easter is considered to be the “Feast of Feasts” and every Sunday throughout the year is a celebration and commemoration of the Paschal feast.

Sunday is the first day of the week and the first day of creation. It is the day of the Sun of Righteousness, given that Saturday is the Sabbath, the day of rest. It is the third day, because it was on Sunday that our Lord was raised from the grave, having conquered sin, death, and the devil; having “trampled down death by death,” he was raised to new life, echoing his bold claim from earlier in John’s gospel, “I am the resurrection and the life.” Finally, Sunday is the eighth day because the resurrection changes everything: it is the first day of the new week, the first day of the new creation. It is the breaking in of God’s Kingdom in the here and now. John marks his Gospel according to days, and the Sunday of the resurrection is both a continuation of the first day but also its fulfillment.

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