Thursday Share: Facing the Critical Distance

Thursday Share: Facing the Critical Distance

Each Thursday we share a blog article that we have read on another site that will help and encourage Restoration in our growth as a community of followers of Jesus. This article by our own Kylee Pastore appeared previously on The Exchange Blog and is so timely as we end one Church Year and begin another soon with the Advent season of preparation as we await the coming of Jesus.

I would like to suggest that viewing art and learning biblical hermeneutics are generous comrades. One point of contact is the impending stage critical distance. It takes patience to face the withdrawn emotion and infused skepticism that washes ashore behind the crest of naivety. We must learn the hermeneutic of patience.

The science of biblical hermeneutics includes various steps and orders. Whichever process employed places value on the study of the original language, historical understandings of the text, canonical themes, authorship, backgrounds and historical context in which the text was both written and set. Scripture is studied that we might interact with the God of scripture, but indeed he is the author and we must wait for his speech. Here we interact with a piece of art, tactful communication, and the author, the painter of the piece, at once.

Read the rest of the article here. And visit Kylee’s own blog to see her personal reflections and creations centered on art and faith.


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