Thursday Share: Easter is a season, not a day

Thursday Share: Easter is a season, not a day

How can we move from thinking of Easter as an event that happens on a single day to celebrating it as a whole 50-day season? And how does setting fixing our hearts on the joy of the resurrection shape us as followers of Jesus.

This week I read a blog post on that I found really helpful in guiding me toward new way of thinking about the Easter season.

As an evangelical (and an American), it seems to me that I was always taught to think in terms of events. Events can be strategized, planned, advertised and marketed, organized, staffed, set up, prayed for, executed, cleaned up after, reviewed and evaluated, and followed up. It is a typically business-like approach. A well-run event can make a big splash, leave a lasting impression, and play a crucial role in forming a group of people into a community.

However, as I have more seriously considered the practice of the liturgical year, I have been challenged to think more in terms of seasons than simply in terms of events. Seasons force us to face the “dailyness” of life rather than simply its special points.

It is like the difference between a wedding and a marriage. Or the birth of a baby and learning to care for an infant.

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