Thursday Share: Attending to Joy

Thursday Share: Attending to Joy

Each week we share a blog post we have read recently that will be encouraging to Restoration in our mission to join God in the restoration of all things. Our own Justin McGee wrote this thoughtful reflection about his experience serving Thanksgiving dinner to refugee families with Gateway of Grace last week.

“As we seek to live the virtuous life produced by grace, as we seek to see rightly in order to respond morally to difficult choices, as we seek to overcome fear engendered by an ideology antithetical to the way of the cross, as we seek to transform our crippling sadness instead of wallowing it it — seek joy. Rejoice in the beautiful and broken world, in the beautiful and broken relationships of our lives, and see the good which may be hidden in the pores of our suffering — for this is a truthful rendering of the world redeemed by Christ. ”

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