Thursday Share: Are We There Yet?

Thursday Share: Are We There Yet?

This past weekend I heard the first episode of a series on the radio show/podcast This American Life telling the stories of refugees living in camps in Greece.  This week, “Are We There Yet?” detailed the daily events of refugees from Syria and Afghanistan who are currently living life in limbo in camps. We hear daunting statistics about the number of people currently displaced from their homes by war and other hardship but the specific stories of men, women, and children in camps made the refugee crisis come alive for me.

Can you imagine living in a former Olympic venue? Coordinating meals, housing, and clothing for thousands at the age of 25? Traveling miles by foot every week to try to reach the one person in Greece who is granting asylum to the tens of thousands of people hoping to safely stay in their borders? Hoping that your children can recover from unspeakable terrors, even while you are without a home?

Restoration has been moved to support those who are caring for refugees around the world and to provide for those who have arrived here in Dallas. Hearing stories from refugees helps us respond with the compassion of Christ.

I am a This American Life superfan but they have really outdone themselves producing these amazing stories that humanize the refugee crisis. Listen to “Are We There Yet?” and take a look at an interactive photo essay showing five different refugee camps. And then tune in this weekend for the next episode called “Don’t Have to Live Like a Refugee.”


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