Thursday Share: About those “20 Minutes of Action”

Thursday Share: About those “20 Minutes of Action”

I typically do not write about news issues but I felt the need to share a blog post I read that was written in response to the rape of an unconscious woman at Stanford University. I have no doubt that most you are aware of the story as it has been in the news and all over social media.

I have read the request for leniency by the father and his description of rape as “20 minutes of action” made me sick. Then came the sentencing by the judge and, honestly, I am at a loss for words. My heart hurts for the victim. What kind of a message is this sending out to people, especially young people? There have already been many posts about white privilege in the sentencing of the young man convicted and, in this case, I have to agree.

The blog post I am sharing with you is written by Ann Voskamp and called About those “20 Minutes of Action”: 20 Things We’d Better Tell Our Sons Right Now About Being Real Men. Her response to the father’s request for leniency really spoke to me. It is a letter on her blog, A Holy Experience, written to her four sons. She talks about parents teaching boys from a very young age how to respect and value women. She describes beautifully how Jesus loved and respected women.

…that Christ never beat down a woman with harsh words or lusting eyes or sneering innuendos, but He stepped in and stopped a broken woman from the abuse of angry men.

Christ didn’t degrade women in His talk, but He made women heroes in His stories. He invited a woman with a coin and broom to reveal the truth about the Kingdom of God. That’s how God loves His daughters with His words.

Christ didn’t demonize women but He accepted the presence of a woman reviled by the self-righteous, He sat with the scandalous woman the righteous regarded as damaged goods, He welcomed the rejected and the immodest though he lost the respect of the religious. That’s how God loves His daughter with His grace.

Please take the time to read her whole letter. I believe you will find it to be a powerful letter to parents. In the meantime, I am going to continue to pray for all those involved in the rape incident, especially the victim, and for God’s will and justice to be done. And I give thanks to God for those two young men from Sweden who did the right thing and came to the victim’s rescue.


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