Thrown into the World

Thrown into the World

Martin Heidegger, the German philosopher, coined a term which happens to be one of my favorite German words: Geworfenheit. The literal translation of the word is “being thrown into the world.” This philosophy was one of Heidegger main interests: being present in-the-world. Not only do I think it’s fun to say but as a follower of Jesus Christ who is called to be “in the world, but not of the world,” I am intrigued by its meaning.

To bring this into the Christian context, we are called to be witnesses and be present to a broken and lost world. In just a few short weeks one of our very own families, the Dominguez family, will be thrown into a new world, a new culture, a new time zone, a new climate, and new languages in order to be present to for those who need to know Jesus. They are relocating to Germany for at least the next year in order to respond to the flood of refugees who have arrived from North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

The needs are great and the Dominguez family is connected with a team already working to meet the physical and emotional needs of refugees in Germany. In addition, God is redeeming this painful upheaval by allowing displaced people who have not previously heard the Gospel to come in contact with Christians and begin to follow Jesus themselves. These new Christians need discipleship and support, especially as they begin to share their faith within their own communities. Though some are persecuted for their new faith, there is a powerful movement of new disciples of Jesus sharing their faith and discipling others. And God has placed a desire in the hearts of the whole Dominguez family to go serve these people in this crucial time.

This Sunday we will pray for and commission the Dominguez family as we send them out from Restoration. They will take one last cross-country trip to say goodbye to family and friends before leaving for Germany at the beginning of July. We will be praying for them every step of the way: as they look for housing, as their children settle into a new routine, and as they are thrown into a new world where God is preparing an amazing ministry for them. We will update Restoration regularly with news about what God is doing in Germany so that we can all continue to pray for the Dominguez Family.

I also encourage you to consider giving generously to support the mission. Originally they were looking for 22 monthly partners to provide for their expenses and now many have generously responded and they are down to only needing 8-10 supporters to meet their goal. If this mission is tugging on your heart, you can give through Restoration and enter “Dominguez Family” on the memo line. We want them to go with peace, knowing that their needs have been met.

The Dominguez family not only inspires us but also reminds us that each and every one of us have an opportunity to be present in the world, wherever God has placed us. We are all sent out…some pray…some give…some go…but we are all one body. The Dominguez family is an extension of the ministry of Restoration in Europe and a reminder that we are all called to be present to the world: in Germany, Richardson, or wherever we may go.




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