Shaped By Community

Shaped By Community

My husband Chris and I were first introduced to Restoration through Emily and Kolby Kerr approximately eight years ago.  We had recently moved into a home in Richardson on the same street as the Kerr’s, and had been visiting churches in the area.  We were still searching.  The Kerr’s had invited us to Restoration on several occasions, but for whatever reason, we never made it around to taking them up on their offer.  I’m not sure what made us eventually decide to visit, but I am so thankful we did. 

One of my earliest Restoration memories was within a few weeks of our first visit.  Jed invited us over to his house so he could tell us about how Restoration came to be and what led him to plant a church. I was maybe six weeks pregnant with our son Liam and I felt terrible. While Jed was giving a personal testimony all I could focus on was trying not to get ill in the middle of it! I quickly told him what was going on and felt relieved and comforted knowing we were already being prayed for. 

Over the past 8 years our Restoration family has been such a big part in shaping us as spouses, friends and parents.  

They have prayed with us through the birth of our two children and stood beside us when we baptized them. They grieved when we dealt with miscarriage and infertility. 

They have provided love and guidance during difficult conversations and offered wisdom and perspective from their own life experiences on work and family. 

At Restoration we learned what it meant to be an active participant in a church community rather than a quiet observer. 

Some of our best friends are people that we have met at Restoration and a few of them are even our neighbors.  We’ve shared meals at each other’s houses, shed tears about our children beginning the first day of school and met for play dates during the long days of parenting young children. 

When I look back at the past 8 years it’s hard for me to imagine a life without Restoration. Where I wouldn’t see Liam running around like crazy with his friends Beckett, Sam and William or our daughter Lily dashing to the front before the benediction to dance. Or where I couldn’t look to the right or left and easily spot someone who has shown us examples of living your life with grace and love. And I’m thankful that I don’t have to.