Sermon Bonus 9.25.16-Distorting Lenses from Kolby

Sermon Bonus 9.25.16-Distorting Lenses from Kolby


In high school I remember when the police department came and presented on the dangers of underage drinking and drunk driving.  One of the most compelling (read: fun) parts of the presentation was when we got to try on “drunk” goggles.  You put on these crazy lenses and they tilt your perception.  It’s not that things are fuzzy—everything is just out of alignment and out of proportion.

As we discussed on Sunday, the messages we receive daily in almost every area of our life put a certain ‘slant’ on reality.  By showing us a certain vision of the good life—of relaxation, of achievement, of satisfaction, of power—we see the universe out of alignment and out of proportion.  These visions are conveyed subtly, over time, and soon we are dizzied and find ourselves unable to stand.

We need the church to set our vision right again.  I mentioned on Sunday how “re-orienting” I find all of you, the body of Christ.  The way you live, work, spend—everything—it helps get me find my way again.  I would encourage you this week to take some time to recognize the people in your life who show you again what it means to live in the kingdom.  Then, send them a quick note or text letting them know how they’ve influenced you.

We need to encourage one another in holiness, recognizing that we are called to live according to a radically different vision of reality and radically engaged in our immediate context.


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