Sermon Bonus: 2.12.17 – Becoming Present to His Presence

Sermon Bonus: 2.12.17 – Becoming Present to His Presence

On Sunday, we talked about how we need to develop the holy habits of the church in our daily lives.  This is easy to picture when we talk about being devoted to the Bible or to fellowship, but it gets a little murkier when we talk about sacraments.  Communion and Baptism are sort of the Church’s thing—are we supposed to be somehow doing that at home?

Well, no, probably not.  I mean you can eat all the fresh bread you want and a glass of wine has antioxidants, but when we talk about bringing the sacraments into our personal lives, it looks a little different.  We have to learn to live sacramentally.  If sacraments are “an outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace”, how can the outward and visible activities of our lives be transformed from just our daily routine into pointers to God’s presence in our lives.

So here was a quick list of some ideas I mentioned that you might try to incorporate into your rule of life.

  1. Wake up with a prayer:  whether you make the sign of the cross or say a quick prayer, train your first thoughts to the reality that you are God’s beloved child and he is well pleased with you before you’ve accomplished a thing.
  2. Start your day with silence:  Don’t immediately open the floodgates to all the voices (both present and online) that make demands of you and tell you who you need to be.  Give yourself some time to dwell on your first identity as God’s child.
  3. Make your bed.  Make your first act not one of consumption, but of restoration.  Start your day with a reminder that being a Christian is about setting all things right, even if it’s just throw pillows.
  4. Meals.  Jesus saw meals as sacred opportunities.  How might you change your mealtime habits so that you might see chances to show hospitality and fellowship.
  5. Create some discipline in your ‘dead’ time.  Our technology allows us to falsely believe that we are unstoppable, that we never have to be subject to time or frustration.  See these moments as opportunities to develop patience, self-control, weakness—and, yes, as a time to pray.
  6. Re-train your approach to your hobbies.  Your passions (whether it’s sports or movies or music or exercise or food or whatever) are God-given windows into his good creation.  How can you observe them this way instead of sliding into using them as an indulgent crutch, a way of trying to replace the joy God’s promised us?
  7. Remember that God cares about sleep.  As you approach the end of your day, incorporate some method of reflection that will allow you to see your day through Christ’s eyes.  Take time to remind yourself that no matter what happened or didn’t happen, you are still God’s beloved.

Remember, this list isn’t meant to be exhaustive, and it’s not meant to be something that you try to tackle all at once.  Think about the moments in your day in which you most need to see God’s presence.

Oh yeah, and many of you asked about that app for your phone that tracks your usage.  Here is Moment.


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