Saying YES to God

Saying YES to God

Last week Jed wrote about developing A Rule of Life. The statement that really resonated with me was “I feel we’ve become more of a reactionary culture than a culture of intentional action.” I couldn’t agree more. When life gets busy, I find that if I am not grounded in something tangible, I live responding and reacting and it is not a good place for me to be spiritually and emotionally. I am tired, cranky, and running on empty.

Several years ago, I did develop a Rule of Life. My intention was to make sure that the way I was living centered on God and his will. I have to confess, the first Rule I created was absolutely unrealistic. Seriously, I would have to go live as a nun in a monastery to be able to fulfill what I had set up for myself! Finally, I did create one that was more realistic and I have found that I need to review it periodically as life has seasons and it does need to be tweaked. When I follow it, I am more tuned in to God, his will and I find that I am available to say YES to Jesus. As Jed mentioned in his blog, this does mean saying no to other things.

I love that Restoration emphasizes celebrating 50 days of Easter. This is a time to celebrate new life in the death and resurrection of Jesus! For me, it is a daily reminder to embrace the new life that we are given. Jesus is victorious over sin and death – Alleluia!! Of course with it being spring celebrating new life is easy to do. We can look around us and see signs of new life in the flowers, trees, birds, and the little bunnies and critters running around. For those that know me, I receive such joy in all of these things. It is a reminder of how amazing our God is.

During Lent, I was grateful for the time of repentance and reflection. It gave me the opportunity to realize that I had let part of my guided Rule of Life slowly fall by the wayside. And now, as it has been put back into place, during this season of Easter, I am fully celebrating the resurrected life, new life in him. I feel reconnected, and with that comes peace and joy, even in the busiest of days. The key for me is being grounded in Jesus, in prayer, in his word and by participating in worship on Sundays.

Although I have to say no to the world sometimes, this allows for greater opportunities to say YES to Jesus through acts of service, a calling that God has place on my life. I am more tuned in to when he is asking me to do something or to love on someone.

After all, did not our Lord and Savior say YES, when he became human and lived his life on this earth among us, suffered on the cross, died and rose again so that we may have new life in and through him? How can I not respond to that?

The Bible is full of stories of people, who said YES to God, and it was transforming for them and it can be transforming for us as well. How will you say YES?

For all the promises of God find their Yes in him. That is why it is through him that we utter our Amen to God for his glory.” 2 Corinthians 1:20



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