Restoration’s 7th Birthday Wish

Restoration’s 7th Birthday Wish

Restoration’s birthday is quickly approaching! October 16th is the day we will celebrate our seventh year as a church. Yes, seven years! Seven is a significant number in scripture and in the life of Restoration. As I think back on our time in ministry together, I am so grateful and blessed to see the hands of God at work in the lives of people at Restoration. God has done so much and there is so much for us to celebrate.

I understand this would be a great opportunity for me to write an article giving a “state of the union address” but I am not a politician. I am a pastor and it does not seem right to pat ourselves on the back simply because it’s not our place to take any of the credit. All credit is the Lord’s! This Sunday we will stop to recognize and praise God for what he has done but this does not negate the fact that we live in a hurting world and people are in desperate need of help. It is too easy for us to focus on what we’ve done and not focus on what still needs to be done.

So, to celebrate our birthday, while being mindful of the needs around us, I am asking each person to bring a birthday gift of a new or gently-used coat so that we can give them away through our ministry partner Network. We want to respond to the great needs in our own community by providing coats.

  • Because a census came out in 2015 stating that families with children make up 35% of the US homeless population.
  • Because one in five children are living in poverty today and do not have a simple warm coat.
  • Because there are 3.5 million people experience homelessness each year.
  • Because 15% of seniors live in poverty.
  • Because when your body tempter drops just two-degrees your heart rate drops, there is a loss in coordination and its stressful on your body. Four degrees and your body becomes hypothermic.

The greatest reason why we need to provide coats is because we have the opportunity to help someone find relief from the cold by a simple gesture of kindness and love. I want you to think about how many coats do you own? What could you offer to someone to help them through the upcoming winter?

 We are joining God in the Restoration of all things: in our Lives, our Church, and our City. Celebrate with us this Sunday! Help make this birthday the best birthday yet as we show the Lord our gratitude by giving back to those who are in need!


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