Restoration Survey

Restoration Survey

I don’t now about you, but it seems like during this season of life everything has become a major decision. Even the smallest choice has so much weight behind it. If the future is involved, planning is even more unpredictable.  It feels like it is impossible to nail down details for an event because it will just get disrupted, delayed or canceled making it very hard to plan for anything. 

In light of our current worldwide situation, information gathering seems to be the best place to start when making a decision or plans.

Here at Restoration we are trying to assimilate data in order to make the best decision about when to start in-person worship. We are also trying to make plans while keeping everyone’s safety in mind. It is our deepest desire to get together in person and worship together as a family once again but not at the expense of someone’s health or safety. 

Will you do me the favor and take a few minutes from your day and answer the questions on this survey. Your honesty will be very helpful in trying to decide the right time to worship together in-person.    

Thank you and missing you all,