Restoration Recommends: Books for Lent, Pt. 2

Restoration Recommends: Books for Lent, Pt. 2

Lent has arrived. If you are in search of a book to guide your spiritual journey in this season we have our second round of recommendations. Part 1 can be found here.

Lenten Devotions

Between Midnight and Dawn: A Literary Guide to Prayer for Lent, Holy Week, and Eastertide  compiled by Sarah Arthur
The first time I opened this book it was almost too much to take in. Arthur has compiled the works of modern and classic writers, the prayers of saints and poet-priests, short stories that speak to the themes of Lent and Easter, and the lectionary readings of the Church into one beautiful book that takes you week by week from the darkness of our own sin and penitence to the glorious light of Jesus’ victorious resurrection. It is a fascinating literary guide that allows you to pray with the saints who have gone before us in the way of Jesus. Recommended by Amy Flickinger


Pauses for Lent: 40 Words for 40 Days by Trevor Hudson
This is the most simple and practical Lenten devotional, accessible and immediately useful to everyone. Hudson offers his readers just 40 pages, each with a word for the day, scripture reading, brief meditation, and an exercise for the day. The book leads you to create a habit of carving out a little time each day to focus on following Jesus and then gives you a practical way to put your faith to action. Recommended by Amy Flickinger.


Spiritual Formation Books

Renovation of the Heart: Putting on the Character of Christ by Dallas Willard
In this book, Dallas Willard describes and walks us through the process of spiritual formation, or transformation from the inside out, so that we can understand and begin the journey of becoming Christ-like. This book is for anyone who feels a disconnect between their external and inner life and is looking for the grace the Father offers to us so that we can be like Christ. Recommended by Karen Giardina.


Mudhouse Sabbath: An Invitation to a Life of Spiritual Discipline by Lauren Winner
Winner’s story conversion from Judaism to Christianity and her reflection on the spritual practices of both faiths is enticing. It’s not a “how” book. It’s a “why” book written for anyone who ever wished that they actually wanted a more spiritually disciplined life. This well-informed memoir offers a glimpse of what it means to fast, pray, keep the Sabbath, and more. Recommended by Amy Flickinger.


Books on Prayer

Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home by Richard Foster
Foster wrote this classic book to convince us that we find our true home in prayer with the Father. Prayer can move us inward into personal transformation, upward toward intimacy with God, and outward to minister to others. This book is an invitation to an intimate relationship of prayer with the Father that leads us to love others better. Recommended by Jed Roseberry.


The Book of Common Prayer (1979) by Church Publishing
We are challenging all of Restoration to pray the Daily Office with us during Lent. The Daily Office is a cycle of prayer found in the Book of Common Prayer, which guides the prayer and worship of Anglicans all around the world. We suggest that everyone buy a Book of Common Prayer as a resource and download the PDF of our guide on prayer from he Prayer Book People Retreat. You can also join the Restoration Prayer Book People Facebook Group to learn more about establishing a habit of praying the Daily Office.



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