Restoration Recommends: Blessings Jar

Restoration Recommends: Blessings Jar

Earlier this year in my Community Group we talked about how it is very easy to become bogged down by the negatives in our lives. Understandably, you can see how we fall into that trap. With social media networks blowing up right and left, we often see the highlights in everyone else’s life but not our own.

One of the group members told us that in their home they have a Blessings Jar. A Blessings Jar is simply a method of remembering all the ways God has blessed your throughout the year by writing each blessing down and putting it in a jar. You place the jar in a prominent place in your home so that over the course of a year you can watch the jar become full of blessings. Then you pick a day in which you read through your blessings out loud.

Beginning this Sunday we will feature our very own Blessings Jar at Restoration and we encourage everyone to contribute to it. After the jar gets full we will display the written blessings in a collage for all to see. I’m looking forward to watching our jar grow over the next few months!




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