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Restoration Recommends:  Have you heard of it?

Are there things in your life that once discovered literally changed your life? Well for me, was this sort of discovery. It is right up there with my Google search line and my DVR record button. I use each of these modern resources daily, if not hourly at times.

The site bills itself as a “searchable online Bible” which it is. I couldn’t have gotten through seminary without tapping into the wealth of Bible scripture information it placed at my finger tips. It offers 100 different versions of the Bible as well as offering them in 50 languages!

You can search a specific Bible verse(s) and quickly learn of its various nuances by comparing it against itself in the different Bible translations. However, my favorite mode of searching is by plugging in a key word or phrase, which effortlessly provides all the verses that pertain to the target word/phrase. How to use the wealth of information drawn from these searches is endless.

I also tap into several of their daily offerings, each of which are delivered to my email early in the morning ready to be enjoyed when I get up. My current 3 selections are: the “Verse of the Day”, a daily devotional, and a Bible reading plan called “God’s Story for My Life”, which is taken from the Chronological Life Application Study Bible. These three offerings are just right for me and what I want. However, has more than 50 other devotionals and Bible Reading plans that might suit you based on your current needs. Examples of just a few devotionals are: CS Lewis or RC Sproul’s daily readings, Men of the Bible, Parenting or Engagement devotionals, and a whole lot more. Sign up for one that interests you.

Another interesting section of the site is called “Bible Engagement.” This resource is found under the Bible tab at the top of the websites homepage. Here you will find different ways to engage Scripture, such as: Lectio Divina, Praying Scripture, visual art exploration, Ignition Method, and a host of other topics. Each topic consists of an overview of the spiritual practice and a set of practical tips for implementing it into your life. It is a great way to draw closer to God as you spice up your daily quiet times.

For those of you who have not found this wonderful resource yet, I hope it will as rewarding and life-giving for you as it has been for me.


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