Restoration Believes in Growing Little Disciples

Restoration Believes in Growing Little Disciples

During the service last Sunday, I saw something beautiful happen. Out of the corner of my eye, a shy five-year-old boy was singing the worship song, and he had his arms held out and he was sort of half-swaying back and forth. There was something a little mechanical about the motion, like he was trying to learn how to do it just right.

Then I saw his eyes, and I realized that was exactly what he was doing.

Every couple of seconds, the boy’s eyes darted away from the band and over at Jed, who (you guessed it) was worshipping with his arms outstretched, swaying just a little back and forth. This boy wanted to learn how to worship his Heavenly Father, and when he looked around the room, he found someone worthy of imitating.

This happens every Sunday in a hundred ways. Whether it’s parents helping their kids learn when to whisper or or a child reading our Scripture passage or a graduate student giving a high five to a toddler during the passing of the Peace, we are helping our little ones learn to inhabit the rhythms of worship.

And isn’t that what the liturgy is doing for all of us? We all need that time of being gathered, of praising God, of hearing his Word, of praying and confessing, of offering our gifts, and being invited to his table. Week by week, we are formed by those Sunday morning moments to live out this kingdom reality in the rest of our lives. And in this work, Jesus asks us to be like children, looking to him as our model, not being afraid to learn from the master. After all, that’s what it means to be a disciple.

Hopefully you got the email last week that outlined the changes to our children’s service starting next Sunday. We hope the changes reflect the heart of Restoration as we:

  • create an environment that allows kids of all ages some time to grow and learn together, so that younger children will find models to follow and older children will be empowered to lead,
  • provide consistent structure and voices during the children’s service so that kids will be steeped in God’s Word and formed as disciples over time, and
  • ease burdens and fears for volunteers so that more people will feel comfortable leading and loving our kids.

You don’t have to be at Restoration long to see that we’ve got a lot of kids. We want to begin laying a foundation for sustainable discipleship for even our littlest followers of Jesus. And we want to invite you to be a part. Take just a moment to fill out this survey this week and don’t hesitate to let us know how you could be involved.

Read about new children’s programming beginning this Sunday.

Take two minutes to complete a survey to tell us about about your experience with children at Restoration and how we can partner in growing little disciples.


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