Pray for Somalia

Pray for Somalia

Pray for the persecuted church in Somalia

Join Restoration as we pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world. This week we are praying for the church in Somalia. See photos and learn more about Somalian Christians from Open Doors.


  • There are less than a thousand Christians in Somalia, a country with a population of 15,182,000 people. 99% of the population is Muslim.
  • Somalia’s constitution is enshrined around Sharia Law and Islamic beliefs. Several areas are ruled by Islamic terrorist groups like al-Shahab. These groups have been known to hunt down Christians and kill them on the spot. Al-Shahab has expressed their intent to eradicate Christianity from the nation. There is a saying that goes “a Somali is born a Muslim and dies a Muslim.”
  • Somalia is one of the poorest countries in the world. Continuous drought and war have caused the death of millions over the years. 
  • ‘Church life’ is not something that is possible for believers in Somalia. The level of persecution and danger posed to Christian groups is far too high for Christians to publicly gather. There is no safe place for Christians. However, Somalis continue to convert to Christianity and leave Islam — knowing that they may very likely pay the ultimate cost, death. One researcher said of the faith of the Somali Christians, “Amid the hardest times of persecution and executions of Christians, they have remained steadfast, holding on to their Christian faith secretly.” 
  • There was an attempt to reopen a church in Hargeisa, Somaliland, in August 2017 which failed due to pressure from the local Islamic population for the government to shut it down. 

Daily Life/Meal

  • “Federation” is a Somali novelty dish that has equal portions of rice and spaghetti divided on either side of a plate and topped with stewed meats and vegetables. It is often accompanied by a side salad and an optional banana. 
  • An easy and popular dessert for Somalis is jalaato (like the Italian word gelato). This is similar to a popsicle. It is made by freezing naturally sweet fruit with a stick in the middle.