Pray for Russia

Pray for Russia

Pray for the persecuted church in Russia

Join Restoration in praying for our Christian brothers and sisters in Russia. Learn more from from Open Doors World Watchlist .


  • Nearly 80% of Russians claim to be Orthodox Christians, which makes it interesting that Russia is 41st in the world for the level of Christian persecution occurring in the country.  
  • The main sources of persecution are from Islamic oppression and the increasing government restrictions on religious freedoms. 
  • The Islamic oppression mainly affects the southern region of Russia, which borders the country of Georgia. Those who convert from Islam to Christianity in these areas must keep it a secret in order to avoid death. Converts face persecution from their families, neighbors, and many others in their community because of the disgrace that they bring on their family for leaving Islam. Islamic militants have also carried out attacks on local Christian churches.
  • The government has recently enacted so-called “anti-missionary” laws which outlaw evangelical acts such as inviting people to your home for Bible study, sharing worship videos on social media, and various similar activities. These laws have made it easier for Russia to identify and deport foreign missionaries in the country. These regulations are aimed toward “non-Russian” religions, which ultimately implies any religion or denomination outside of the Orthodox Church. 

Daily Life in Russia

  • A popular meal for a Russian dinner table is beef stroganoff – traditionally made with sliced beef, sautéed onions and mushrooms, and a white wine and sour cream sauce.