Pray for Pakistan

Pray for Pakistan

Pray for the persecuted church in Pakistan.

Join Restoration in praying for the persecuted church all around the world. This week we are praying of our brothers and sisters in Pakistan. Learn more about the challenges of following Jesus in Pakistan at Open Doors.


  • Pakistan has anti-blasphemy laws that ban negative statements toward the Koran or the Prophet Muhammed. These laws are what were used to imprison Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian woman, from 2009-2018 on death row. She was recently acquitted of those crimes and plans to leave Pakistan to escape persecution.
  • Each year, at least 1,000 Pakistani girls from Christian and Hindu families are abducted and forced to marry Muslim men. 
  • Churches and Christians have been targeted throughout Pakistan as victims of shootings and bombings. In December 2017,  two suicide bombers attacked Bethel Memorial Methodist Church in Quetta. 
  • Christians are seen as second-class citizens. Occupations that are seen as low, dirty, and derogatory are officially reserved Christians, leaving many poor and even victims of bonded labor. 

Daily Life/Meal

  • A common meal could consist of traditional tikka kebabs, biryani (a spiced rice dish), and naan.