Pray for Canterbury

Pray for Canterbury

There is a lot going on in the world today. It was the late English novelist E.C. Bentley who said “Between what matters and what seems to matter, how should the world we know judge wisely.” That is a great question to ask ourselves—what does matter? 

On the back page of any major newspaper behind this week’s headline articles on The Golden Globes, the NCAA Division 1 College Championship, the death of David Bowie, the capture of El Chapo (who is still in custody…we think), and the billion dollar lottery you might find an article mentioning the primates of the Anglican Communion gathering this week in Canterbury, England. To many, this meeting might seem like a bureaucratic formality however it has great significance to the 85 million believers around the world that call themselves Anglicans. The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has invited the archbishop (also called a primate) of every Anglican province in the world to meet in order to navigate forward through the turbulent waters the global Anglican Church has found itself in for the last few years.

Though we don’t often focus on the complex relationships that exist between Anglican groups, including our own province The Anglican Church in North America and The Episcopal Church, this is a time to pray for God’s guidance for all the primates who meet this week. I would like for you to read this blog post from titled “Why We Should Care about Canterbury” by The Rev. Canon David Roseberry. He shares ten reasons why this meeting at Canterbury is significant to us. If anything, we should be challenged to pray for reason #9.

The beauty of being a part of the Anglican church is that we are not a single, local church providing a little oasis of refuge and shelter to those who come through our doors but we are a part of something greater than ourselves. The Anglican church is a global communion that God has used for generations to bring the Gospel to millions of people. Please commit to pray this week for our Primate Foley Beach and for the other primates as they meet. May God protect, guide, and defend his Church.



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