Our City: Close to Home

Our City: Close to Home

Many of you will know that we recently welcomed a new baby to our family. Our daughter Evangeline is an answer to years of prayer and a delight to everyone in our family. And yet, her arrival changes just about everything for us. Last year around this time, before we had any idea of another baby, we were diving headlong into welcoming refugees to Dallas. With a just one preschooler in tow, we could help a Syrian family settle into their home, connect them to resources, and prepare their children for the upcoming school year. I loved joining others at Restoration to care for refugees in the name of Jesus but suddenly our family entered a new season of life as we prepared for a new baby to arrive.

This summer I am juggling nap times and feedings around the clock. Many days I never even leave home because our newborn is not ready to be out in the world, though my earnest desire to help those in need hasn’t changed. Just the other day I was reading an article about mothers who cannot afford diapers for their babies. The stories of parents in need affected me deeply because I have no problem changing my baby into a clean diaper every couple of hours and it would be heartbreaking not to be able to care for her properly. In the article mothers related the shame of not being able to provide for or soothe their babies. SNAP (food assistance) doesn’t cover diapers so some try to stretch out the time between diaper changes to make a meager supply last longer even though babies suffer for it.

In the past I’ve donated a pack of diapers here or there to the food bank but I know all to well that the small pack of 30 diapers I gave would would only last a baby a few days. Providing the number of diapers a family actually needs is much more of a commitment but I went on Amazon decided to send the best I could afford to an organization that provides diapers to families in need in our area. And I pray that my gift helps to restore the confidence of a parent who is struggling to provide for her child.

In this season of caring for an infant I can easily feel isolated in my home. But in many ways it actually causes me to be intimately acquainted with a common need that affects families every day in our community. I can give what I can and pray for those who will receive it while I care for my baby. What needs are in close proximity to you? How do your experiences help to prepare you to meet the needs of others? Regardless of your circumstances, there are no limits to how God may use you to meet need here in our city.


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