On Mission: Fellowship of Hope Mentoring

On Mission: Fellowship of Hope Mentoring

Nobie Hendricks has been a key part of the Restoration family from our very first year. She has led multiple small groups, teaches in our Children’s Ministry, and leads us in the liturgy throughout our worship services. In the past few years, we have been honored to support her in her calling as a bi-vociational priest as she develops Fellowship of Hope Mentoring. We asked her a few questions about what is happening with her ministry to children in our city and how we can support her.

Q. What is Fellowship Of Hope Mentoring?
A. FoHM is a one-on-one Christian mentoring program that serve children in southwest Richardson. We seek to provide positive experiences and opportunities for the children in this area empowering them to understand:  the importance of staying in school, the hope that is found in Jesus Christ, and the benefits of giving of themselves through acts of service to others in their community. All of this is in hopes of broadening their concept of what their own future life story may become.

Q. What inspired you to begin FoHM?
A. The idea of starting my own mentoring ministry took root after attending an information session of a similar mentoring program in south Dallas. As I drove back from that session I found I was so energized and I knew I wanted to be a part of touching children’s lives who were in such need of a positive Christian role model and advocate. But I also knew driving 20 miles away made no sense because this same great need existed less than a mile from where I lived in Richardson. So my journey began in the summer of 2016 to learn about what it would take to launch FoHM!

Q. What motivates you to keep serving?
A. The children we mentor are definitely the primary motivating factor, they are all precious and need a supportive friend in their corner. Another motivating factor, which has surprised me, are the parent(s) of these children. Each one wants the best for their child but they often realize they don’t have the time, knowledge or resources to provide all they wish they could. And lastly, I love being able to share the Love of Christ with them through our monthly Bible study and other Christian programs.

Q. How can Restoration members get involved in your current projects?
A. There are two ways Restoration may help in our current projects.

  • We are building a learning garden in the rear of RISD Academy (the school 60% of our children attend) and will need labor and design help at various times throughout the summer.
  • We have quarterly outreach programs that people can attend (however please note since the children are always actively involved in these programs all volunteers must go through our volunteer application and vetting process for the safety and protection of our children).

Q. How can Restoration support the long term success of FoHM?
A. There are three primary ways for individuals to become involved:

  • Become a mentor to a child in 4th–6th grade a couple of times a month. The time commitment is at your discretion and may be as little as 2 hours a month during or after school hours. Please contact me at Nobie7@ FellowshipOfHopeMentoring.org to learn more about volunteering or mentoring.
  • Consider becoming a FoHM financial partner either with a one-time donation or with monthly or quarterly donations through our various channels of giving found at FellowshipOfHopeMentoring.org
  • Join our prayer distribution list by sending your email address to Sandy@FellowshipOfHopeMentoring.org

Q. How can Restoration pray for you?
A. Please pray the Lord will:

  • Provide three new vetted mentors by the end of June 2018 for the three children (two girls and one boy) who are currently waiting to be matched with mentors.
  • Provide provisions for a safe and healthy summer for our children and their families.
  • Provide a licensed plumber who will donate their time to tap into an existing waterline to install an exterior faucet and sprinkler heads for the learning garden we are building at RISD Academy.
  • Effect eternal changes in the lives of each of our children, their families and the mentors as He draws all closer to knowing and loving Him.
  • Faithfully and generously provide all needed funds to maintain the ministry’s staff, insurance, office and out-reach project expenses.
  • Pray through it all God will be honored and glorified as we strive to be obedient to the Great Commission, the New Commandment and Matthew 25 to those in need in our own back-yard.

Learn more about Fellowship of Hope Mentoring. 


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