New Season at Restoration

New Season at Restoration

If you are anything like me, you sometimes realize that your life is stuck in a rut. Day after day of following the same routine, eating the same food, and thinking the same thoughts makes life boring. It also eventually will cause your life to become unbalanced.

The same thing can happen in our common life as a church. We can get stuck in a rut as we do the same activities week after week, read the same passages of scriptures, and pray the same prayers. If we follow the same pattern for too long we will become unbalanced as a church: overemphasizing our inner life and ignoring the needs outside our walls.

To keep the life of the Restoration community healthy we have split the calendar year into three seasons: Life Season, City Season, and Church Season. Each season  emphasizes an important part of our mission: to join God in the restoration of my life, our church, and our cityIn each season we put a team in charge of leading Restoration to think more deeply about the theme of the season and advocating for specific goals and missions.

We are coming out of the Life Season, which has been a season of reflection on the person of Jesus and personal spiritual growth. This week the baton is handed off and we enter City Season to be sent out to meet the needs of the world around us in the name of Jesus.  We have tied this transition through the year to the Church Calendar that guides us through the life of Jesus and into the age of the Church.

As we celebrate Pentecost, we are also excited about this new season at Restoration as we turn our focus to the needs of the city and pray that God uses it bring growth and new life to our community.

LIFE SEASON (Advent to Pentecost) 
We focus on the calling of each person as a worshipper as we join God in the restoration of our lives. We pattern our lives around the story of Jesus and, in the process, we are transformed to the image of Christ. In Life Season we emphasize worship and personal devotion.

CITY SEASON (Pentecost to September 1)
In this season we focus on our Spirit-empowered mission to join God in the restoration of our city. We practice hospitality, meet the needs of our community, and send people out to share the good news of Jesus in all places. In City Season we emphasize practicing hospitality in our homes, meeting the needs of this in our community, and sending people to the Gospel to every nation.

CHURCH SEASON (September 1 to Advent) 
We focus on deepening relationships within the Restoration body as we join God in the restoration of our church. We commit to love an imperfect church and model the self-sacrificial love of Jesus as we grow as disciples and servants. In the Church Season we emphasize committing to be a part of Christian community by learning and growing together and offering our time and resources to serve the Restoration community. 


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