New Position for Kolby at LeaderWorks

New Position for Kolby at LeaderWorks

In addition to serving as a priest for the Restoration congregation, Kolby Kerr has accepted an assistant director position with LeaderWorks, an organization that provides training and support to ministry leaders. We want to share Kolby’s announcement from the LeaderWorks blog with Restoration so that we can all congratulate and support him in this new endeavor.


First, I want to say just how grateful I am to be a part of LeaderWorks. To think that I could help church leaders through an organization like this is something I could not have imagined even a few months ago.

At my core, I am a teacher. For the last ten years, I’ve been teaching high school English. During that time, I began teaching and preaching in a lay capacity at my church (Restoration Anglican Church in Richardson, Texas). I followed that path all the way through my ordination as a Priest in the Diocese of Churches for the Sake of Others, and now I’m here, ready to teach and serve through LeaderWorks.

Most of my education and experience is at the intersection of faith and writing. You might say that I am interested in how the reality of the Word of God (see John 1) affects how we consider the words we use every day. My literary background is in poetry, so it’s not just that I think words matter, but that I think words have matter. There is a heft and substance to words—they must be weighed.

That’s what I hope to bring to LeaderWorks. Whether it’s writing here on the website, creating materials for conferences or congregations, or leading cohorts to tackle some of the toughest issues in ministry, I want leaders to be able to proclaim the gospel with a clarity and imagination that connects with all people. I want the whole church to feel equipped to articulate exactly what it will mean to live as a faithful disciple of Jesus.

My wife Emily, my sons Beckett and Samuel, and I are thrilled to be joining this team. I’m excited to begin writing, serving, and teaching in support of the LeaderWorks vision: to help leaders do their work.



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