Making your Time Count — Join us Sunday for Thrive Lunch

Making your Time Count — Join us Sunday for Thrive Lunch

We asked Karyn Ward to share her experience with Thrive, a ministry to women serving around the world. We are happy to have Thrive CEO Lorrie Lindgren join us for worship this Sunday and offer an opportunity to learn more about this vital ministry at a lunch following the service.

It seems that God often reminds me to be more intentional with my time and resources. I’m reminded that one day, when this earthly life has passed and I’m seeing eternity in all of its glory, I will fully understand how wasteful I’ve been with this life. It’s with this in mind that I have been praying about new ways to serve Him and His people. He brought me a new way this year and I want to share it with you. 

I recently took a big leap of faith to serve at a retreat for global working women about 6000 miles away.  I was deeply impacted by seeing the work that God did there and knowing that it was impacting the lives of those who have given up so much to be His hands and feet to serve His hurting people in the far reaches of the world. 

The ministry that does these retreats is Thrive, and they exist to serve globally working women across the world through retreats, community and advocacy.  They describe the retreats as:

“… a four day gift to an oasis of refreshment. Many of our attendees work in remote locations where running water and electricity are not available or dependable. By hosting our retreats at a conference center or hotel, we provide an environment for physical, spiritual, and emotional renewal.”

I can testify to the above. I met women there who did not have reliable electricity or plumbing. Some even used outhouses. Even those with reliable utilities have left behind family and friends.  I was so humbled by the comforts they were willing to set aside in order to go help others. I met women whose work ranged from working with special needs children to working with victims of sex trafficking. Some helped refugees who fled their homelands in fear while others served the children of US military at bases in Europe. There was a wide range of work being done but the unifying factor was that all the work is being done in service to Christ. Volunteering to serve at a retreat is also done in service to God. 

Image credit: Karyn Ward

Visit this page to see more about my experience along with some photos. You’ll see how the volunteers serve the global worker attendees in several different aspects, enabling them to return to the field with more momentum.

To learn more about Thrive, please join Sheryl Belson and me, along with Lorrie Lindgren, the CEO of Thrive, for lunch after church on Sunday (at noon). You’ll hear about Thrive, the retreats and upcoming locations, how volunteers can raise funds for serving, and more.  Register for the lunch this Sunday, April 15. 


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