Magnitude and Direction

Magnitude and Direction

Recently, among my usual grab bag of sermon illustrations, I mentioned Despicable Me, a movie adored by my boys (OK, fine, and me). The film’s villain is named Vector, because—as he explains with enthusiasm—he commits crimes with both direction and magnitude.

Jesus asked his disciples a crucial question: who do you say that I am? His question is to the community—all of them together. The Pharisees demanded a sign and the crowds wanted to align him with their own expectations, but Jesus hopes that his disciples will know who he is by watching him, by following him.

At Restoration, we have a great, growing community. And it would be easy to focus on magnitude, on just getting bigger and better. But will we have direction? Will all our efforts be rooted in closely following Jesus where he leads?

This fall, there are a couple of opportunities to help us build that direction.

First, we have TiE groups. This stands for Three is Enough, a concept from our Bishop, Todd Hunter. Three people—three men or three women—commit to meet regularly to pray, grow, and serve together.

We want to provide pastoral support for these groups—there are two ways you can help us do that. First, if you haven’t found a TiE group yet, fill out this form and we will help you out. Second, if you already have a group, please sign up for the TiE newsletter—Amy will send out lots of resources as we dive into the book of Philippians together next month.

Second, we have our 9toDine groups, where we will be gathering around tables in one another’s homes, sharing a meal and sharing what God is doing in our lives. When we started these over the summer, we saw a lot of new friendships and joyful moments together. As we reset these groups, we hope these meals will allow people to begin moving past casual conversation and begin to open up about their walk with Jesus and where they see him leading. You can sign up for 9toDine here.

As I mentioned in my sermon, we understand that developing these intentional spiritual conversations can be intimidating or uncomfortable. We want to help. Everyone is invited to attend a potluck dinner at Slate on September 13 at 6pm. It’ll be an opportunity to bring a dish, eat a meal, and learn how to talk to each other about God’s work in our lives. Email Amy ( if would like to be a part of this unique evening which will mark the start the fall 9toDine groups.

Becoming the body of Christ isn’t a mission of only magnitude. We are a body that has been directed to follow Jesus. I hope that you’ll commit to these opportunities at Restoration this fall.


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