Jesus the Healer

Jesus the Healer

We read about Jesus the Healer in scripture, but have you ever seen a miracle or better yet, have you ever seen a healing? Do you believe in miracles and healings? I don’t intend for this to be a loaded question, but hope for you to search deeply and ask yourself, “What do I think about God working in the supernatural?” 

In 1 Corinthians 4:1, Paul writes to the church in Corinth that we (believers in Christ) should be regarded as “servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God.” We are being called to serve Christ and his people, but also we are called to be stewards of the mysteries of God. The Greek translation for the word steward is to be a “manager of a household.” We are called to manage, i.e., oversee the mysteries of God. So my question is —how do we become managers of God’s mysteries if we are not sure what we believe about miracles and healings? 

In his 1,248 pages, a two-volume book called Miracles, Craig Keener Ph.D claims, “most modern prejudice against biblical miracles depends on the argument that uniform human experience precluded miracles.” A more straightforward way of saying it to quote the 17th century English clergyman, Thomas Fuller—“seeing is believing.” Our modern prejudice belief is the fact that “everything we experience can be explained by the sciences without any supernatural agency, and God, any miracles?” 

We often feel like we have to see things to believe them, and one way that we overcome our disbelief is through the power of testimonies. So, in the next couple of weeks, we are going to push into the supernatural mysteries of God as we listen to the testimonies of God’s healing power. 

I’ve already started to hear from some of you as I opened up our series at church last Sunday morning that you have stories of God’s miraculous healing in your life. If you are reading this and think this might be you, then contact us and be a part of this series. You can email and share your stories and encourage others with your testimony. We are looking for thought out, condensed, 500 word testimonies to share with others.  

Next week’s newsletter will contain a personal story from my life about healing, and I look forward to seeing what God has been doing in all of you. During this time and space in our world, I know that we all need to expand our faith. We aren’t looking for signs and wonders, but we are looking to expand our understanding of healing in the church so that we can personally participate in God’s healing work. I know I am in need of healing in areas of my life, and I hope you join us as we explore what scripture has to say about healing.