Jesus the Healer: Nobie’s Testimony

Jesus the Healer: Nobie’s Testimony

Do you believe in modern day miracles and healings? I do and here’s why! 

My entire adult life I had always experienced the fears of being alone all night by myself. Whenever I knew I would be alone all night I went through an entire routine to help prepare me for the event. It went something like this; besides insuring all the doors and windows were locked and curtains closed, I parked my car where it had at least 2 viable exit routes. I also slept with my keys in my clothes pocket, I set myself up in a room that also had at least 2 viable exits, wasp spray was next to me and so on and so forth. Ok, I’m sure you get the picture and I’m sure you can also guess…I never slept! All night I would hear suspicious sounds and when I wasn’t hearing sounds, I would rehearse all the possible escape routes in case any of the sounds were actual threats. 

The night I realized God had mercifully delivered me from what I called “night fears” my husband was out of town and both of my children were at sleepovers. So of course, I put my offensive and defensive plans in place and began to watch TV. It was around 11pm when I realized I hadn’t had one twinge of fear. It seemed strange to me so I turned the TV down low to hear more noises. While I was able hear more sounds, I still had no fear! So, I thought well I better begin to rehearse my “home-alone-escape routes” …but I couldn’t keep my mind focused on them. 

It Hit Me I’m HEALED! You know, when you know you know…well I KNEW GOD had delivered me! 

I was immediately filled with such gratitude and love for how my Father had delivered me. Little did I know, He was preparing me to be a more effective, well rested divorced mom who would soon be alone on a weekly basis and at times for 30-day stretches since my kids would soon shuffle between 2 homes as children of divorced parents often do. 

My second healing came one night about 12-years ago when I decided to stay after church for my church’s newly formed monthly healing service. I needed prayer for a neck and shoulder injury I had suffered on and off for 5 years after carrying two heavy shoulder bags up and down the hills of San Francisco! Each time I thought I was healed the sharp gripping nerve pain would return rendering me unable to carry even my purse on my shoulder.   

As I knelt at the alter the priest asked me what I wanted prayer for. After I told him, he looked at me and said, “Nobie, have you gone to the doctor yet?” Sheepishly I told him “No”. While he looked at me with puzzlement and disapproval, he proceeded to lay his hands upon my right shoulder and prayed a short, sweet personal prayer for my total healing. Miraculously, since that prayer the problem has never reared its painful head again. 

I can’t answer why God chose to gifted me with such an extraordinary gift of deliverance from my night fears or why he healed my right neck and shoulder impairment.  What I do know are these truths: 

  • God’s ways and workings are mysteries, 
  • He can and does perform miracles still today, 
  • Thru the miracles I’ve experienced and those of others my faith has grown exponentially,
  • I love talking about what Jesus has done so others too may believe and grow, and 
  • I welcome opportunities to lay my hands upon others and pray for their healing as well.

Unfortunately for some of us the fear of disbelief or the lack of faith can cause us not to ask for God’s healing touch or to pray God’s healing power over others. If that is you, I encourage you to give your fears over to Him in prayer and then be willing to meet Him in the mystery of His healing power as both the one who asks for healing and the one who prays healing over others. 

To God Be the Honor and Glory forever and ever. Amen