Jesus the Healer: Guest Post by Grant Boroughs

Jesus the Healer: Guest Post by Grant Boroughs

Unlike some of the other testimonies that have been featured in the newsletter so far, my story is not one of an instantaneous, obviously miraculous healing that defied science. That’s because the doctors could never pinpoint what was wrong with me to begin with. About five years ago, I developed a set of seemingly unrelated symptoms that eventually filled an entire notebook page. Early on, I wasn’t too concerned because I assumed that doctors would be able to identify and fix the problem. But after multiple visits to different specialists who were unable to give my illness a name, much less a treatment, I became painfully familiar with the term “idiopathic” — having unknown cause. 

What followed were the darkest months of my life. I was physically miserable all day, every day. I took medical leave from work. I wondered if this was what the next 50 years of my life would feel like. But while all this was going on, I was praying. So was my family. So were you, my friends at Restoration. And that gave me hope.

I continued seeking medical treatment and praying for the wisdom of the doctors, all the while keeping in mind that Jesus can see and understand what doctors cannot; he can reach the parts of us that medicine can’t. I finally saw a series of specialists whose tests determined that I probably had experienced some kind of disruption in my nervous system. The possible causes of such a condition are not well understood, and neither are the treatments. I was told that people with similar conditions often see improvement within 2 to 5 years of the initial onset of symptoms. This was mildly encouraging, but 5 years seemed like forever when each day was a struggle. I started taking a couple medicines that can have a stabilizing influence on the nervous system, but my prayers didn’t stop there. I prayed for the efficacy of the medicine and the avoidance of side effects. I prayed for Jesus to heal the parts of me that the medicine wouldn’t. And I prayed that I would have a quicker recovery than the 2-to-5 year timeline that was typical. 

About a month later, and about 6 months after it all first started, I was feeling a lot better. As a few more months went on, I felt closer and closer to being back to normal. It’s now been over 4 years of feeling like myself again.

Was my entire experience driven solely by biological cause-and-effect? Maybe. It’s hard to know for sure because medical science currently can’t see to that level of detail in the nervous system. But I know that when my body was in upheaval, I prayed for Jesus to calm the storm in my nerves like he calmed the storm on the Sea of Galilee. I asked him to make me well so that I could get back to doing the things that I was created to do. Jesus was my strength when I had none of my own left. I knew that he would heal me, either in this life or the next (though I repeatedly expressed my preference for the former). In our fallen world, terrible diseases strike Christians all the time, and faith is no guarantee of a comfortable existence. So I prayed for healing to come soon, but also that I would endure until the final healing, if that was my lot. There are brilliant doctors who are great healers, and I am grateful for the ones who helped me. But the Jesus is the ultimate healer. The medical community understands the human body well, but they did not make it. They do not see all its secrets and intricacies the way God does; they cannot reach in and touch it directly at the most elemental level. I’m back to living a normal life, and I see that as the work of Jesus’s healing hands.