Jesus the Healer: A Testimony of Healing

Jesus the Healer: A Testimony of Healing

We are a few weeks into our sermon series “Jesus the Healer,” and I’ve been so pleased with the outcome of the series so far. Last week in our newsletter article, I asked the reader to think about what they thought about healing. I also talked about that I was going to share a recent experience where I’ve seen Jesus heal in this week’s newsletter. I hope this story blesses you and encourages you in your faith… 

I was talking to a friend, who happens to be elderly, about a prayer request she had regarding one of her legs. The background of her condition was that she had developed Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) due to her type 2 diabetes. PAD causes your blood vessels to narrow and reduces blood flow to your legs and feet, thus causing you to develop sores and, eventually, the loss of a limb. Her sickness was well advanced, and by the time I was talking to her, the diagnose was already determined, and the surgery just a few days away. I knew things were bad because I could see the bandages on her leg needed to be redressed due to the open sores. She had advanced so far into the sickness that the removal of the leg was the only option, or so everyone thought. 

We had a pleasant conversation (although I don’t remember exactly what we talked about), but I do remember her asking me to pray for her leg. I knew she was in pain, and the thought of losing a leg frightened her, so I wanted to do anything I could do to bring some form of comfort and pastoral reassurance that God is in control and is bigger than any sickness, disease, or fear. So, I prayed. 

I got down on my knees next to her and put my hands on her bandaged leg. I was a little worried I was going to hurt her, but I knew the prayer would be short, and the prayer would be worth any discomfort she was temporarily in. I prayed, acknowledging Jesus as the ultimate healer and asked for him to take away any discomfort or pain she was in. I prayed for the doctors and nurses who were going to take care of her during and after the operation. I prayed for the surgery itself and that Jesus would reassure her of his presence during the surgery. And then I felt a boldness to pray for a full healing of the leg. I mentioned that God raised Jesus from the dead, and that he healed people all throughout his ministry here on earth and that he still heals people today. I ended the prayer and gave my friend a hug and said I would check up on her after the surgery. 

A few days later, I got a call from my friend. She had gone to see the doctor, and she wanted to tell me all about it. I asked her about the surgery and thought it was a little strange she would be calling me. I had fully planned to go see her in the hospital post opt, but the operation never happened. She was telling me this with tears in her eyes. Although I could not physically see her because we were on the phone, I could definitely tell there were tears in her eyes because of the way she was sniffling over the phone. These were tears of joy. She told me she went to the hospital, and during the pre-opt, when the surgeon went to inspect the leg, he could not figure out which leg needed to be amputated. The chart said one thing, but that is not what he was seeing. Her leg had been completely healed, and although the surgeon had no explanation, my friend certainly knew who had healed her. She then spent the next thirty minutes explaining to the doctor it was God who healed her leg.  

God still heals! 

There is something powerful about sharing one’s testimony of what God is or has done in your life. If you have a healing story and you would like to share it please write it out (somewhere between 500-600 words) and send it to us. Please don’t keep it to yourself. As we see throughout scripture, when God healed someone, they then went out and told about what God had done in their life. Pass the blessing and the witness on to others. Send your story to Ashley Gordon at