Invest in Your Marriage

Invest in Your Marriage

This week I am thankful for the new life that I have through the resurrection of Jesus. Our Savior lives and I see the Holy Spirit breathing life into those around me. As announced this past Sunday, Restoration is inviting you to join us in a few weeks at FamilyLife Ministry marriage retreat called “Weekend to Remember” and I have been thinking about the ways that I continue to see God bringing life into my own marriage.

In fact, seventeen years ago Stacy and I made a commitment to invest in our marriage and attended our first “Weekend to Remember” event in Pittsburgh, PA while I was a seminary student at Trinity. We had only been married for a couple years and really had no idea what to expect at this marriage event. To be honest, we were super poor students and were attending on a scholarship that included some date night money so we were just eager to eat out. Anyway, to our surprise we quickly found ourselves listening to great speakers who shared SO much wisdom for this newlywed couple. And engaging in the workbook time together was eye-opening as we answered questions about everything from our family of origin to finances and sex. 

Since we had moved to Pittsburgh without any family or friends around we spent tons of time together, just the two of us, and figured out quickly that we still had a lot to learn about each other. The conference gave us a wonderful foundation for those early days of our marriage. We even continued to return for three consecutive years because we could see the impact it was making in our lives.

Now two kids, many pets, three moves, and three churches later, we realize that we still have a lot to learn about each other and our marriage. This upcoming retreat is going to be an opportunity for us to put aside some time to invest in our life together as a couple. We could not be more excited to invite you all to join us by putting aside a weekend to focus on your relationship as well.

The difference between a good marriage and a great one is hard work. FamilyLife’s Weekend to Remember marriage retreat offers couples biblical wisdom and a safe environment to work on their relationship. For over 40 years, FamilyLife has helped more than 1.5 million couples build a solid foundation for the rest of their lives. We invite you to join us and do the same. 

Stacy and I are really looking forward to the weekend and would love for you to join us June 7-9, 2019 at the Renaissance Dallas Plano in the new Legacy West shopping area. The great news is that FamilyLife is having a Flash Sale on the upcoming “Weekend to Remember” with the code SignMeUp until Monday, April 29 so it is a great time to sign up today. When you sign up use the group name “RestorationRichardson.” Anyone you know is welcome to use our code and attend the conference so consider passing this along to anyone looking to grow their marriage.

This “Weekend to Remember” will be an investment in your marriage that you won’t regret. Please ask Stacy or me if you have questions and make plans with your spouse to attend this wonderful weekend marriage event.