Holy Habits: Devoted to the Teaching

Holy Habits: Devoted to the Teaching


On Sunday we saw in Acts 2:42 these four holy habits of churches, and we talked about how we are to be nurturing these habits in our own lives.  We don’t work at these habits to earn favor or status, and it certainly isn’t something that we achieve by willpower.  Instead, by engaging in these practices of study, prayer, community, and sacrament, we allow the Holy Spirit to move in our lives, transforming us more and more into the image of Jesus.

This week, we focused on the role of the bible in that process.  Our loves are formed by the language, images, and ideas we saturate ourselves in, so we need to create an intentional, stated plan to let scripture speak into our lives.  Your personal plan for this (your rule of life) should be established through prayer and in community with people who know and support you, hopefully as part of a TIE group.  

But here are just a couple of resources I mentioned in the sermon for you to consider this week as you explore how God wants to restore your life through his living word:

  • The Daily Office:  The church has followed a pattern of cyclical readings from the bible for centuries.  When you follow the daily office, you allow the whole testimony of the bible to work in you and you join with the church universal as you come to God’s word.  I’ve found ESV.org’s daily office reading plan extremely helpful.  Once you create a free account with your email, you can download calendar files to all your devices.  There are some great apps out there as well.
  • Eat This Book by Eugene Peterson:  This book is clear and wise, from one of the most devoted students of scripture of our time.  Peterson helps readers understand what the bible is (and, helpfully, what it isn’t), and he also helps reintroduce readers to ways of reading the bible that invite the Holy Spirit to transform us.

Have a great week!
Holy Habits PDF Downloads:

Rule of Life

Reading the Bible

TiE Groups


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