Giving & Gratitue

Giving & Gratitue

 Last Sunday we finished up our generosity sermon series called “Giving Up” and I have to say— it has not only been well received but also a very fruitful sermon series. And I don’t mean fruitful just in terms of how much money came into the church in the month of October. I am seeing God move generously in the lives of people at Restoration. 

Over the last few weeks I’ve seen and have heard stories of people’s generosity that has greatly impacted the lives of others. To put it simply, people have greatly blessed others. The beauty and the fruit of this sermon series is that people are living into this mindset of being generous with their life, time, talents and resources. 

I feel that we have been very thorough as we looked at the scriptures considering why we would practice generosity, but there is actually data out there suggesting there is more to living than to simply seeking our own good.

I realize, we don’t give in order to be happy, but there is real science that backs up the idea that being generous develops a heart of gratitude. According to an article called “The Science of Gratitude” published by the Greater Good Science Center says that being generous to others, no matter if you know them or not, creates a grateful disposition which reduces materialism, risk of burnout and systems of depression, ultimately making the individual a happier person. Another article published by showed one particular study of participants performing acts of generosity to friends, family members and colleagues for seven days. The conclusion of the study reported that 100% of the participants had higher levels of happiness and well-being. To simply put it—generosity is deeply connected to gratitude which is deeply connected to a healthier you. 

As we put a nice bow at the end of this series before the holidays I want to encourage you to think and pray about the idea of being generous. There are not only great implications for the Kingdom of God but also for one’s personal well being. Below are three ways we encourage people at Restoration to give. If you see God moving at Restoration then join us in his good work and give generously to His mission.