Coronavirus Update: May 1

Coronavirus Update: May 1

In light of Governor Abbott’s executive order concerning the gradual reopening of the State of Texas, particularly as it pertains to guidance for churches, I would like to take a moment to address Restoration Anglican Church’s current policy on meeting in person for worship and other mid-week gatherings.

You must know that it is our heart to be back together in person some day soon but not at the expense of putting anyone in harm’s way. While many in our community begin to experiment with ways to safely open the doors of businesses and other venues, we feel it would be wise for us to hold off worshiping in person for a few more weeks. 

Although we have several scenarios for in-person gatherings ready to be implemented when the time comes, we feel that delaying will allow us to have more time to observe, plan, and pray through the best way for us to move forward with everyone’s safety and health in mind. 

I also do not want to create social pressure for anyone to feel that they have to return when they are not ready to rejoin in-person worship. Our hope is that by allowing more time, it will alleviate that pressure. Just because we can does not mean we have to and I am willing to wait on the Lord for the right time to bring the Restoration family together. 

New communication will be released in the coming weeks. If you have any questions or concerns, I would love for you to contact me during my office hours, Monday through Thursday 1-3 pm. Please continue to pray for our church and community. We are all walking through this together.