Community Groups

Community Groups

A new season of Community Groups begins this month! If you haven’t participated in a Community Group and you are wondering what they are all about here is what you need to know!

What are Community Groups? 

Community Groups meet in homes to study the Bible, pray, and deepen relationships with each other. Groups include men and women, married or single, who commit to meet together regularly for a season. This season of groups will meet from May-July. Community Groups are designed to help members connect with each other like a family and grow together as followers of Jesus.

Is there a Community Group close to my home?

We have five Community Groups that meet in various areas of North Dallas at Richardson.  A listing of group locations can be found here.

What if I can’t attend every week?

We understand that summer often means busier schedules!  All of the groups have topics this season which will allow for someone to easily catch up.

How are Community Groups divided up?

The wonderful thing about Restoration Community groups is that we are not divided by age or “season of life.” Groups are made up of individuals of all ages and we always welcome and encourage you to check out a new group at the start of each season.

What do we study?

The topics are chosen by each leader so each group currently is studying something different! Some of the topics form this season include Biblical Mentorship, A Prayer Course video series, selections from “Jesus Calling,” and more.

Can my child or teen attend Community Group? 
We are excited that this summer we offer a group for youth who want to participate. The course will be at the home of Leska and Aaron Gilbert and they are doing a “God’s Not Dead” video series. We also have a group that offers childcare.

 How do I join?

We have a sign-up sheet each Sunday at Slate or you can email the group leader! Leader information is available here.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jed.


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