City Stories: Network Ministries

City Stories: Network Ministries

Becky Farnsworth has been a volunteer for Network the past five years, working primarily in the Food Pantry and during the “Santa Land” Toy Distribution. This was Becky’s first year working the Back to School event. She shares a little about her experience below:

First I wanted to update you all on Network business. We received $100.00 cash for school supplies over the last 2 Sundays! I purchased the construction/manila papers last week and this week was asked to purchase erasers and glue sticks. It appears the needs are very fluid. The current need is 2 pockets folders with brads, red/blue/yellow, Kleenex and note book paper. Almost every grade needs multiple of these.

Network now has all they need in papers, backpacks, spiral notebooks and crayons. I worked on the school supplies Monday and wanted to let you know how the process works.

All the backpacks were filled with whatever had been donated before the first day of interviews, Monday 25th. There are items missing in about 2/3 of the backpacks (1000). I spent Monday filling backpacks with newly donated items. When the family comes in for an interview, if they are eligible, they leave with a back pack as complete as possible.

Volunteers come in everyday to check in and distribute to backpacks supplies that were purchased (if money was donated) or items brought in by the churches. We asked the interviewers to please check for supplies in bins before they took the needed backpacks to the kids. It’s a big job and you would not believe how long it took to take $40 worth of glue sticks and erasers out of the packages!

Thank you again for all of the donations. We will continue collecting canned fruit and pasta sauce at Restoration through August 7 and join us on Saturday, August 20 as we stock the food pantry for Network.



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