City Stories: Justin McGee in Jordan

City Stories: Justin McGee in Jordan

In this season at Restoration when we turn our attention to God sending us out into the world in the power of the Holy Spirit, we want to celebrate all the amazing things he is doing through us. Last Sunday we prayed for Justin McGee and sent him out on a one-month mission through Jordan, Italy, Greece, and Germany, tracing the path of many refugees on their way out of Syria. Already, we are hearing gripping stories from him while he visits Restoration-supported missionaries in Jordan.

Last year Justin was one of a group from Restoration who adopted a Syrian refugee family. They met them at the airport and have helped them create a home here and adapt to their new life. He reflected on their first meeting on his blog The Displaced Pilgrim:

 Cautious and anxious, my friend and I reached the father and case worker. As the father’s faint and weary smile beamed out of the corners of his mouth as he shook my hand, the fear and confusion which welled up in my mind washed away. Here stood a man, tired as any man would be after a 24 hour journey, who wished for a safe and comfortable place for his jet-lagged family to sleep.

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Justin clearly has deep compassion for the refugees affected by this crisis and has encouraged many of us to respond to their needs in practical ways. Pray for him as he travels and follow his blog or social media where he is already sharing stories and photos.

Justin spoke briefly last Sunday about a Syrian refugee family of eight that has completed the lengthy approval process to immigrate to the United States. While in Jordan he has connected with them and they may be coming to Dallas within the next week. They are have very few resources but have come to know Jesus during the past year and a half in Jordan and are generous in sharing their faith with others and showing hospitality.

We will find out this week if they are, in fact, going to be resettled in Dallas. We would love for a second group from Restoration to adopt this family and welcome them. Contact Maynard Belson (mbelson1 @ if you would like to support this family or another future refugee family. We will share more details about this family and their needs on Sunday morning.


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