City Season: Seek the Welfare of the City

City Season: Seek the Welfare of the City

I heard someone tell a story about a church member (though, not from Restoration) who met a man in serious need. He was experiencing a personal crisis and was unexpectedly without a place to stay. The church member contacted his church office looking for help but because it was Friday night (and even ministers need a break) he couldn’t reach anyone. So, not knowing what to do, he took the man into his home, shared meals with him, and helped him begin to sort out his problems. On Sunday morning the church member went to his pastor and explained the man’s situation. In frustration he asked, “Shouldn’t the church do something to help this man?” The pastor nodded and replied, “It looks like the church did!” 

I am so proud of the way that Restoration ministers to people with a wide variety of needs in our community. Amazingly, we have no specific department or minister in charge of outreach. The outreach ministry of Restoration is the daily ministry of our members to the people they encounter who are in need. And as a church we have amazing stories to tell!

Each summer we turn our attention to the mission of the church to minister to the world. We call it the “City Season” taking direction from Jeremiah 29:7, “But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare.” Like the exiles receiving Jeremiah’s prophecy, we are challenged to turn our attention away from our own needs and tend to our community in confidence that God will cause both the Church and the World to flourish when we join him in his work of restoring all things.

Thankfully, we have some in our congregation who have followed the call of the Holy Spirit to minister to specific people in strategic ways and invite others to join them. These champions of causes near to home and far away spearhead Restoration’s ministry to those outside the “walls” of our church. In this season we want amplify the voices of these champions so that others can celebrate the good work they are doing and join their mission.

There are so many situations when we could throw up our hands and say, “Shouldn’t the church be doing something to help?” Thankfully, through the leadership of members of Restoration, God is using us to care for refugees, feed and clothe our neighbors, share the Gospel with international students, mentor students who have limited opportunities, and more. Follow our blog and worship with us this summer to learn more about ways that you can join God in the restoration of our City.


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