Belonging, Becoming, & Being

Belonging, Becoming, & Being

At Restoration, our mission is simple: to join God in the restoration of our Life, Church, and City. We desire to be a church where people actively engage in the work of God in all corners and crevices of their life and world.

Discipleship at Restoration is meant to serve the mission of the church by forming the hearts, souls, and minds of its people to be on mission for God. 

We do this first and foremost by creating space for them to belong to one another and God. When we belong, we recognize that we are loved, and this love is the thing that begins to transform our lives. 

We are not transforming so we are better people who can live their best lives or live their personal truth. This transformation is the process of becoming more like Jesus by participating with him in “work[ing] out our salvation.” It is the work of engaging with scripture in community; it the work of worshiping with the community; it is the work of cultivating intentional relationships predicated on prayer and the love of Christ; it is the work being in-tuned to who God made you you to be, so you can institute and follow a Rule of Life. It is where our agency meets God’s wooing kindness. In this growing fusion of us and Him, our lives begin to look different as the Holy Spirit makes us more into the image of Christ. 

Becoming leads into being. When we become more like Jesus, we live like him — in our families, neighborhood, work place, schools, etc. We manifest his goodness, his love, and his grace for the world around us, and to fully actualize our intended purposes at the foundation of the world. 

When we belong, become, and be, we join in on the mission God has set for Restoration; we join God in his restorative work for all things.

What does this practically look like for us in this season of our church?

  1. Sunday worship. In the Anglican tradition, we encounter the grace of God through both word and sacrament on Sunday mornings. While the latter happens occasionally right now because of COVID, we still get the opportunity to meet Christ through his word each Sunday together. The words of God with the people of God seep into our bones and consciously and subconsciously transform us.
  2. Community Groups. Because of COVID, Community Groups currently run once a week on Zoom, and the focus of them is simple. We read the scriptures and pray together. As a Christian, we have staked our faith on an ancient text — one that is wrought with beauty, difficulties, and truth. We desire in this space to strip away all preconceived notions of what scripture is, and simply engage it with open hearts and prayer. We enter its grand story and ask ourselves, “how do we fit in this story of God, so we can live out this redemptive story in our lives?”
  3. Link Groups. Because our Sunday worship looks different in this season, Link Groups is probably the most important thing we are doing. Link groups was launched a week ago as a rebranded version of what was previously known as “TiE Groups.” Link Groups consist of 3-5 men or 3-5 women who meet regularly to share their life together. Based on the words of St. Paul in Colossians 3:12-17, a Link Group, together and with intention, gives thanks to God, bears with one another, challenges each other to live out love, seeks to grow in their knowledge and understanding of who God is, and prays together. In a distanced world, this is your opportunity to meet with one another in small, safe groups if you feel comfortable doing so.

God has put into the heart of this church a powerful calling that can only be accomplished through his goodness and grace in our lives. To be a family member of Restoration means that we are on this mission together to join God in his restorative work.

Our hope and prayer is that through Discipleship at Restoration, as clunky and difficult as it is during COVID, we as individuals and a community are being formed more and more into the image of God through belonging, becoming, and being like Jesus. 

In doing so, God is honored and our Life, Church, and City is transformed.

Questions about Discipleship at Restoration? Contact Justin McGee.