Announcing Restoration’s New Family Minister

Announcing Restoration’s New Family Minister

I stood up in front of the church last Sunday and gave an announcement that I have been waiting to give for over 7 years. That’s over 2500 days, over 61,000 hours, that I’ve been waiting for this. I have prayed and hoped that this day would come. I’ve trusted that the Lord would hear me, not for my own sake, but because I know wholeheartedly that this would bless the people at Restoration and advance the kingdom of God.

So let me announce it again:  Restoration has hired The Rev. Kolby Kerr to serve on staff as our new Family Minister. We will talk more about his specific roles as a leader, but I’ve asked him to view this position as a minister not to families but to the family of Restoration.

When I first met Kolby and his wife, Emily, he was not “the reverend”; he was just an eager layperson who found Restoration and locked onto our mission to join God in the restoration of all things. Over the past eight years we (all of us at Restoration) have seen him grow into his calling as an ordained minister as he’s filled a volunteer position on the teaching team. We’ve all been blessed by his teaching and have come to love this family for their heart to integrate life, faith, and community together.  

Now as he joins the staff, he’s a part of what has become a really incredible ministry team here at Restoration. Everyone on staff has unique skills and passions that equip them to serve Restoration in a way no one else could. I’ve been blessed in my own leadership by watching them flourish in their roles.

Bringing Kolby on staff at this moment is a strategic and anticipated step in the life of the church as we continue to grow. I am humbled to work with this great team, and I can see that God is at work, opening doors for us to join him in announcing the good news of his kingdom to the world.

It was worth the wait. Welcome to the staff, Kolby!


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