Ahoy to Fall

Ahoy to Fall

The kids are back in school! Parents everywhere rejoice! 

This is an unofficial new year for many of us, complete with new habits, schedules, and even resolutions. We are setting out new patterns for our families and ourselves as we shed summer sloth and vow to eat better, limit screen time, and make sure everyone gets to bed earlier.  The commitments we make now can have lasting effects on how we live in the months ahead.

After a summer of travel and adventure, many people will be returning to regular weekly worship and we are looking forward to having the whole Restoration family back together again. This Sunday we will focus on the many ways that we SERVE each other, GATHER in community, and REACH OUT beyond the boundaries of Restoration. After the worship service we will say “Ahoy to Fall” at a pirate-themed celebration complete with treasure maps, air-brushed tattoos, and root beer floats. And it will serve as the official kick-off of a new season of ministry at Restoration.

We ask everyone to visit the tables in the children’s area featuring opportunities to SERVE, GATHER, and REACH OUT. If you are connected to a team or a group in these three areas please go ahead and put your name on the list again because it encourages other to join too. If you aren’t, we want you to intentionally consider where God is leading you in this new school year. 

I am always amazed by the number of people who volunteer at Restoration. Most churches would be envious to hear that over 60% of those who regularly attend also give their time to serve Restoration. And yet we still have volunteer needs to meet. It takes a lot of effort for us to have a church service every Sunday morning and those who volunteer their time serve the whole Restoration family and every visitor who comes through our doors. We need to balance some of our teams by asking some volunteers to consider moving to meet more pressing needs and encourage new people to get involved.

And you will see that we have new discipleship groups beginning that will help you connect with others who will encourage you along the way as a follower of Jesus. Our Community Groups will run through the 2019-2020 school year and you will see exciting new opportunities for women, men, and youth. Though you can join at any time, now is the best time intentionally form relationships which will meaningfully guide you in the year ahead.

We will also champion the cause of some of our partner ministries like Fellowship of Hope Mentoring and International Student Ministries at UTD. If you have a longing to meet needs in our community and connect with others outside of Restoration, take a moment to talk to ministry leaders who do great work with  people who live in our own neighborhood.

This Sunday we are excited to see the whole Restoration family back together again. Plan about 20-30 minutes to visit the SERVE, GATHER, and REACH OUT tables, talk to friends, and participate in some pirate-themed fun. And remember, meaningful decisions are made and relationships are begun on days like these. We are grateful to have you along for the voyage this year!